Road To Slipstream

Director of Photography

Shooting raw on the Canon 5DIII with the help of the Magic Lantern hack is definitely an adventure – if shooting ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies isn’t adventurous enough. I love this stuff so I didn’t think twice when asked to DoP this project.
It was a pretty wild ride but we had a great team!

A big thank you to the contributions and/or kick-ass job of the following peeps:

Jim Elzinga
Margo Talbot
Steve Swenson
Brandon Pullan
Luke Burton
Haley McClure
Jayson Therrien

Creator: Martin Lesperance
Writer/Director: Tracy Jacobson
Producers: Martin Lesperance
Tracy Jacobson

Camera Asst: Francois Pelletier – a strong shoulder to cry on?
Photos: Adam Greenberg
Slate and all around good guy: John Plaquin

Editors: Mike Quigley
Toomas Meema
Sound Design: Camille Bruni
Original Scores: MMXIV Studio, Poland
“Shield” Written and Performed by Kim Churchill
“Rotator” Written and Performed by Moby
“Sea of Glass” Written and Performed by Layten Kramer
“Harvey Heights” Written and Performed by Layten Kramer & Eerie Green
“Sighted” Written and Performed by Moby
“This Breath” Written and Performed by Brent Tyler
“Wild Country” BMG Rights Management Canada Written by Colyn Cameron – Performed by Wake Owl

*All rights reserved