Canon T2i, Final Cut Pro and the Canon E1 plug-in

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It was great news when Canon came out with the plug-in for Final Cut Pro to enable the use of the “log and transfer” window for Canon DSLR footage. Disappointingly, Rebel T2i (550D) users seem to be left out – until Nathan Beaman (Thanks!) came out with the fix.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me since it seem to require snow leopard.

Now, I have successfully updated to snow leopard while still running Final Cut Studio 2 including all its updates to Final Cut 6.0.6. What happened? It crashed every time I opened the log and transfer window. A complete reinstall even with the help of Digital Rebellion’s remover software didn’t improve anything, especially not my nerves.

The rule ‘Never change a running system’ comes to mind and I was dreading the impending rollback attempt with  Time Machine.

Thanks to my buddy Brent I found that I neglected to check for system updates: 1.08 GB later snow leopard was updated and the log and transfer is working again.

The second step: Pay attention to the details! After installing the Canon E1 plugin I used  TextWrangler as recommended by the Bui brothers to change the camera.plist file. Again, no luck. The devil is in the details: If it says

<string>Canon EOS REBEL T2i</string> you have to use UPPER case for REBEL.

Now, it works. Go try for yourself and enjoy the workflow.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, check the Bui brother’s and Nathan Beaman’s blog.

Canadian Ice

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Canadian Ice from Michael Klekamp on Vimeo.

Went out to shoot some ice climbing last week – great fun, do it right and you are not cold for a second. This is the Evan Thomas area in Kananaskis. Camera: Panasonic AG-HMC150 and 120 metres of jumaring.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: Radical Reels

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Banff Mountain Film Festival: Radical Reels from Michael Klekamp on Vimeo.

Produced for ClimbingMojo, we are working on a ‘behind the scenes’ video for the Banff Mountain Film Festival – here’s a first taste what makes the rad reels rad – find it out! Featuring Will Gadd and Timmy O’Neill interviewing the ‘Mountain Idol’ finalists and the winner.
Shot on the Panasonic AG-HMC150 – I am impressed by the wide angle and the low light capabilities – the gain at 12dB is way better than for example on the Canon XH A1.

Canmore LifeFest 2009

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Canmore LifeFest 2009 from Michael Klekamp on Vimeo.

Visit the Canmore LifeFest in Alberta! Shooting and editing this video was a lot of fun, thanks to Marion at Magma Event Management. The LifeFest showcases all that Canmore has to offer to improve your health and stay healthy through an exhibition and numerous workshops.
The goal in this video is to show the energy in the workshops as well as the more relaxed ‘Zen’ atmosphere in the exhibition.
I shot on the Panasonic AG-HMC150 with 720p at a higher bitrate.


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Yamabushi from Michael Klekamp on Vimeo.

Will Gadd opens up a new rock climbing route on Mt Yamnuska (Alberta, Canada). This is a 3:40 min excerpt out of the original 14 min. Editing the video was fun, shooting was even better. You’re ways off the deck here, enjoy!
Does anyone have another project of this sort for me? My adrenaline levels have been a little low lately.


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To make this video eligible for certain film festivals, I can’t show it here, unfortunately. I’ll be putting up a trailer soon as well as a list of festivals where you can catch it!

Barry lost his vision in a workplace accident 12 years ago. Now, he’s enjoying life to the fullest. Ever seen a blind man driving a car, rock climbing or white water rafting?
This is an excerpt from a longer documentary by Calbright Ventures Inc out of Calgary, Alberta.
As the cameraoperator and editor, it was a special treat to have the Banff Centre’s Audio and Sound Department create the original score and do the mix.


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Over the last few days we’ve been around Alberta’s foothills a bit to shoot parts for a docu on Barry – he had lost his eyesight in a workplace accident, now he’s back on track enjoying life to the fullest. He’s a fascinating guy to be around, energetic and with a positive outlook on life. Trust me, he’s the one making all the “blind guy” jokes. He had a great time challenging himself rock climbing, horseback riding and rafting. Of course, this is the type of camera operating challenge that I am looking for!

CLIMBING COACHING VIDEO – new ones in the works

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This is one of the bigger projects in the works right now: Anybody keen on improving their climbing skills? It’ll be easy once this has launched! Here’s a preview of what’s to come.
A big thank you goes to Ben and Tawnya and to everybody who has been incredibly helpful so far!


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New sample! Finally! Thanks to Tim Hus, this video has the perfect soundtrack! Please visit his website and buy his CDs! This video does not have graphic content, which tells you a lot about the success of the trip…